Coral and Navy Summer Wedding at Becker Farms in Gosport, NY | Jack & Emma


“Jack is my absolute best friend. He’s someone who I can completely rely on in any situation.
He makes my days happier and helps me be a better person.”

“Emma is my best friend. She always keeps me on my toes and keeps my laughing every day.
She is my greatest adventure.”

I’m not sure we have ever smiled quite so hard on a wedding day! Emma’s smile is the most infectious and adorable thing and they both kept us laughing throughout the whole day. You can see the love they share for each other in everything they do and being able to capture a small piece of it on their wedding day was a complete honor!

I wanted to include a small piece about their proposal story so that you can see just how incredible these two really are and Emma wrote this out herself so it is even more adorable!
“It’s kind of a long story but I’m going to try to condense it. Two years ago I (Emma) went on a missions trip to India where I spent my summer there working with an orphanage for children with different physical and mental disabilities. After I got back from my trip I began sponsoring a child in the orphanage who I really connected with while I was there.

So now fast forward to the proposal, Jack twisted a surprise I had planned for him for his birthday instead on me. We were walking into a park where I had planned for him to be met and surprised by all of our friends, but instead he had planned with them for that to be a surprise for me! I was met by rows of lanterns on the ground and at the end of the rows there was a circle of lanterns surrounding pillows and blankets and a computer.

Once we sat down Jack began to play a video on the computer which was a video from the orphanage in India. It started saying how people like me, sponsors, are why they can continue supporting the children and helping their organization grow. Then it went to the boy whom I sponsor and he began to say “Hi Emma! I miss you, Jack has a question..” and then it panned out to all of the children in the orphanage and they held up signs saying will you marry me and at the end was the boy who I sponsor with a huge grin on his face, holding up a sign with a big ring on it. Then Jack began talking… and now here we are!”

It was our first wedding at Becker Farms and, oh my goodness, was it the most beautiful place! Seriously one of our favorite wedding venues to date. Everyone was so accommodating, there were so many different areas in which to capture such incredible love, and so much room to relax and enjoy the evening with all of your loved ones! Besides, how could you go wrong with wine, apple orchards, vineyards, and barns all in one place!

Jack and Emma have a lot of incredible people in their lives between friends and family. They chose to surround themselves with 10 bridesmaids and 10 groomsmen to keep their day full of energy and lots of fun! I’m not gonna lie to you, we were a bit intimidated by those numbers and then we walked in and met everyone.
Goodness, these two know how to surround themselves with good people!

It is not hard to believe that this was such a fantastic wedding day and an exciting adventure, but every little detail made this their best day ever and we hope you enjoy looking through some of our favorite moments!


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