Bear Mountain Inn Elopement Waterford, ME | Robert & Michelle

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Michelle and I have been connected for just about 3 and half years now.
As a creative, she is a dream bride because when she knows something will be gorgeous, she just does it!!!

When she contacted me about photographing their elopement in MAINE I squealed with excitement!

I don’t know if y’all remember but we had a pretty snowless winter this year. As exciting as that was for driving conditions, it didn’t make for the snowy winter wonderland so many of our couples dream of being photographed in. This is one of the reasons Michelle started planning the Maine excursion. We were going to find the snow if it killed us! Well, we got there and the weather was a beautiful and a balmy 45 degrees! We couldn’t help but laugh at the irony and were ever so thankful that some of the snow still stayed regardless of the warm temperatures.

We tell all of our couples that no matter what happens on your wedding day, you still get to marry your best friend and that is all that really matters anyway. When you elope, there are not too many people around to help you get ready so we got to exercise our skills and help out wherever was needed. I don’t think too many people realize that, as photographers, we are with you all day long. Making sure you have everything you need and the day is going smoothly. It may be one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer! I love that we get to be your support system on this important day and keep you stress free to just enjoy all the incredible things that come with this day! It is such an honor that our couples trust us as much as they do to capture this cherished time in their lives and we live for every second!

Bear Mountain Inn is the place where Robert and Michelle’s winter elopement took place and when we drove up I was speechless. Seriously, straight out of a storybook!
The inn overlooks the gorgeous Bear Pond and when the sun rises it creates this incredible glow. I was taken with this place the second we set foot on the property.
What an incredible place to begin this next adventure in your lives!!!

Something I didn’t know about Maine is just how incredible the people are there! We felt welcomed in with open arms and it was amazing! Though they also have some of the most fantastic food we have ever eaten. LOBSTER ROLLS!!! We still have dreams! We also think that this has something to do with why everyone is so happy and welcoming 🙂

Matt and I adore traveling, road trips, and capturing the first adventures of our couples. If you are going to elope to Bear Mountain Inn, we have a specialized package just for you! We also offer a special rate if we have never been to the state before, so anyone planning their wedding or elopement out of state, don’t rule us out quite yet! We are up for any adventure you want to go on, so let’s chat!

Enjoy all of the gorgeous scenery that Maine has to offer, but also soak in the love these two share. This wedding was a long time coming and you can see just how much love is there every time they steal a glance.

Marrying your very best friend is the greatest adventure!

Robert & Michelle_0001

We spent all day with this gorgeous view! We started with coffee and some of the best fruit I’ve ever had!!!

Robert & Michelle_0002Robert & Michelle_0006Robert & Michelle_0003Robert & Michelle_0004Robert & Michelle_0005Robert & Michelle_0007Robert & Michelle_0008Robert & Michelle_0009Robert & Michelle_0010Robert & Michelle_0011Robert & Michelle_0012Robert & Michelle_0014Robert & Michelle_0015Robert & Michelle_0017Robert & Michelle_0016Robert & Michelle_0018Robert & Michelle_0019Robert & Michelle_0022Robert & Michelle_0021Robert & Michelle_0020

Robert & Michelle_0023Robert & Michelle_0026Robert & Michelle_0024Robert & Michelle_0025Robert & Michelle_0027Robert & Michelle_0029Robert & Michelle_0028Robert & Michelle_0030Robert & Michelle_0031Robert & Michelle_0033Robert & Michelle_0032Robert & Michelle_0035Robert & Michelle_0034Robert & Michelle_0036Robert & Michelle_0037Robert & Michelle_0038Robert & Michelle_0039Robert & Michelle_0042Robert & Michelle_0041Robert & Michelle_0040Robert & Michelle_0043Robert & Michelle_0045Robert & Michelle_0044Robert & Michelle_0046Robert & Michelle_0047Robert & Michelle_0049Robert & Michelle_0050Robert & Michelle_0048Robert & Michelle_0051Robert & Michelle_0052Robert & Michelle_0054Robert & Michelle_0053Robert & Michelle_0056Robert & Michelle_0055Robert & Michelle_0057Robert & Michelle_0060Robert & Michelle_0058Robert & Michelle_0059Robert & Michelle_0061Robert & Michelle_0062Robert & Michelle_0063Robert & Michelle_0064Robert & Michelle_0065Robert & Michelle_0066Robert & Michelle_0067Robert & Michelle_0068

That moment you realize that you are all part of one family!!!

Robert & Michelle_0069Robert & Michelle_0070Robert & Michelle_0071Robert & Michelle_0074Robert & Michelle_0075Robert & Michelle_0073Robert & Michelle_0077Robert & Michelle_0076Robert & Michelle_0079Robert & Michelle_0078Robert & Michelle_0081Robert & Michelle_0082Robert & Michelle_0085

That sunset!!! Incredible!!!

Robert & Michelle_0080Robert & Michelle_0086Robert & Michelle_0083Robert & Michelle_0087Robert & Michelle_0084Robert & Michelle_0088Robert & Michelle_0090Robert & Michelle_0091Robert & Michelle_0093Robert & Michelle_0092Robert & Michelle_0094Robert & Michelle_0096Robert & Michelle_0095Robert & Michelle_0097Robert & Michelle_0098Robert & Michelle_0099Robert & Michelle_0100Robert & Michelle_0101Robert & Michelle_0102Robert & Michelle_0104Robert & Michelle_0103Robert & Michelle_0106Robert & Michelle_0105Robert & Michelle_0108Robert & Michelle_0109Robert & Michelle_0110Robert & Michelle_0112Robert & Michelle_0113Robert & Michelle_0114Robert & Michelle_0116Robert & Michelle_0115Robert & Michelle_0117Robert & Michelle_0119Robert & Michelle_0118Robert & Michelle_0120Robert & Michelle_0121Robert & Michelle_0123Robert & Michelle_0124Robert & Michelle_0125Robert & Michelle_0126Robert & Michelle_0127Robert & Michelle_0129Robert & Michelle_0128Robert & Michelle_0130Robert & Michelle_0131Robert & Michelle_0132

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